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Welcome to Downtown Jefferson City Missouri! We are the commercial and cultural hub in the middle of Missouri’s tourism, wine, cycling, transportation, historic, and state government country!

Jefferson City is alive and vibrant, with a thriving downtown just steps from the Missouri River.
Downtown Jefferson City offers residents and visitors alike the best of the Midwest – beautiful natural surroundings like Missouri River views and access, unique shops and restaurants, and business owners and merchants who immediately feel like long-time friends.
Downtown Jefferson City is where people converge for many personal and professional reasons, giving our mid-sized city the unequivocal charm of a quaint town.
The city’s rich history is a part of its established yet evolving and entrepreneurial culture. As the state’s capital city, Jefferson City draws thousands of people downtown each day. The city and region also enjoy thriving health care, manufacturing, retail, education, and tourism industries.
With over dozens of different bars, restaurants, churches, offices, and shops housed in Jefferson City’s historic downtown buildings, there’s always a good reason to head and live downtown. Festivals, markets, and myriad other special events all add to the city’s warm and energetic atmosphere its wonderful city center.
We always have room for your business, visits, and ideas as well!

About downtown


The friendly, reinvigorated area of Downtown Jefferson City is our community’s soul.

The same pioneering spirit which founded our city more than two-hundred years ago is embedded in the designs of our downtown historic buildings is burning brighter than ever in the entrepreneurism that has emerged in recent years.

You can feel the energy and optimism in the patterned sidewalks lined with trees, hanging baskets overflowing with flowers, and coordinated lighting and benches. Numerous sidewalk dining venues and coffee shops allow shoppers and workers to linger to enjoy conversation with friends while basking in the sunshine and breeze coming from the Missouri River.

The seat of state government brings thousands of thousands of folks to our Downtown Jefferson City area every workday. Favorite eateries of all types, and casual places to have a beverage of any type, keep visitors and neighbors alike happy and entertained seven days a week.



Downtown Jefferson City visitors can enjoy some of our state’s favorite restaurants, ranging from fine dining establishments to coffee shops and traditional sports bars. Shops in downtown Jefferson City include everything from clothing to vintage furniture to hand-made crafts, and all sorts of other curiosities, with a mix of long-established and more modern businesses standing side-by-side throughout the city. Our city center’s treelined streets offer benches for visitors to use while enjoying coffee, frozen yogurt, and other treats while taking in the city’s atmosphere.

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