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Downtown Jefferson City, Inc is actively seeking to enhance the vibrancy of and opportunities in the downtown community by encouraging and supporting new and existing events. We offer grant funding, promotion assistance, and guidance on rules and regulations to event organizers who commit to operating in downtown #JCMO and who are approved by our board of directors.

This initiative not only fosters a more diverse and engaging calendar of events but also strengthens the local economy and community spirit in Jefferson City



Tell us about the event you would like to bring to Downtown Jefferson City?


When and/or how often would you like to hold your event in Downtown Jefferson City?


Where would you like this event to take place? For outdoor events, we recommend Capitol Avenue.


Who attends your events and how many should we expect in Downtown Jefferson City?


How can Downtown Jefferson City help you to make your event a success? Do you need help with red tape? Do you need help with funding? Do you need help with promotion?
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Once your information is submitted it will be reviewed by our board of directors. We will most likely invite you to attend a board meeting to present your idea, answer our questions, and to ask questions of the board.